11 Successful Women Recall Their Early Career Mistakes

Gosh it feels so good to know that awesome people were once normal, mistake-making people.

I don’t mean this in the creepy schadenfreude way, but in the reassuring way that we too can be awesome, despite the fact that we’ve tripped up.

And the best part about others going before us, is the advice we get to glean without necessarily making those slip-ups ourselves. Oh how we can learn from early career mistakes of successful people 😉

MyDomaine published a great article where 11 Successful Ladies Recall Their Early Career Mistakes. Check it out for yourself.

My fav practical tid-bit of wisdom is from Amanda Thomas, Luv AJ jewelry founder:

Amanda Thomas seems like an overnight prodigy, given that she started her successful jewelry line Luv AJ at the age of 16. But Thomas is the first to admit that despite having a Hollywood-adored line, she made a lot of mistakes at the beginning of her career. “When I first started Luv AJ, I made so many stupid mistakes, but I think it’s important to learn them the hard way because it only lights a fire under you to never do them again,” she says. One of her biggest mistakes, she tells us, was overspending on startup costs: “I thought I needed custom packaging, a fancy campaign, 1000 printed lookbooks, a custom website, etc. And the truth of the matter is I really needed to be frugal and focus on spending my money on the actual product, not all the extras.”

The Takeaway: At the beginning of your career especially, practice the art of frugality. Want to cut costs on your branding? She advises customizing store-bought packaging and finding young, up-and-coming talent for things like photography and web design.