11 Tweaks to Your Daily Routine For a Productive Day

Who says life changes have to wait til the New Year? And who says they have to be called “Changes”?

“Changes” sounds scary. So let’s call them “tweaks.”

After all these little adjustments are just that, little!

We promise you, even if you only make ONE tweak on a consistent basis, your LIFE can change.

So here you go, the 11 Tweaks to Your Daily Routine That Will Make Your Day More Productive.

My personal favs from this list that I already implement in my day?

  • lemon water first thing in the morning (I actually drink mine out of this copper water bottle because it aids in digestion!)
  • no screen time til after breakfast
  • setting (aka writing down) my goals for the day
  • zero multitasking

What’s in your daily routine for a productive day?