14 Things Successful Freelancers Do Right Before Bed

I came across this before-bed-activities article in one of my daily perusals of Levo (if you don’t read them, start!). The quick read tells us what 14 successful freelancers do right before bed to increase their productivity and happiness.

It got me thinking about how important nighttime rituals are.

In the past year or so, the studies behind not using our phones and computers and tablets before bed (because it messes with our happy REM sleep) has skyrocketed.

Thus, I try—keyword “try”—to nix the “blue glow” activities 45 minutes before I hit the hay. And I’ve noticed that it really helps! Not only do I go to sleep easier, but I don’t wake up as frequently.

For me, it’s important to establish nighttime rituals. Not just for my productivity the next day, but for my happiness. We all gotta go to bed, so why not make it the most enjoyable experience ever?

Treat yourself to an at-home facial, use a special body lotion you only use at night, change the lighting in your room, and get under the covers with a book. Your head will be hitting the pillow faster than you think.

Got any bed-time routines to share with us boss girls?


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