17 Lifehacks To Make You Smarter Today

Who doesn’t love a good lifehack–or 17–amiright? Especially when they’re itty bitty changes that will make you smarter!

In this quick listicle, you’re going to find A) you’re already doing some of these things (high fives!) and B) incorporating the others is hella easy.

Some of my personal favs of these lifehacks:

  • listen to audiobooks or podcasts on your commute/travels
  • take naps during the day (um can you repeat that? yes. sign me up!)
  • spend time with people who disagree with you and people who are smarter than you
  • game instead of watching tv (there’s lots of research coming out about the positive effects of video games on the brain, so I am going to try this one out… time to whip out my old Nintendo 64!)

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