5 Original Songs from TV That You Can Listen To When You’re Feeling Down


Is there a day where you haven’t heard any song–an OST, theme song or just a comeback song? Are there any instances where you end up crying because a certain song played? Does a song impact your emotional  health? The last question is, now that you’re in your 20s, do you still believe in magic?

Music is one of the best things that existed in this world. It can make you cry, feel in love, angry, or even laugh. It affects people differently depending on the mood they are in and what type of music it is. Research indicates that music stimulates emotions through specific brain circuits. It can do more than what you can imagine. It can even make the scene of your favorite TV series interesting to watch. The whole song can create diverse effects on its viewers. That’s how strong the impact of the music is. It’ll make or break a certain situation and this also applicable to real life because the conflicts on your favorite drama might also happen to you.

Here are some of the dramas of 2017 that have a good soundtrack that you could add to your playlist in case you’re having your own kind of drama.

Thirteen Reasons Why: The Great Longing

It is no doubt that this show is one of the most popular TV series of 2017. As written in the lyrics,“So don’t you ever cry for what’s hard in this life. You know the world over. It’s people struggling and when you stand alone your fight is our fight.” Depression affects almost 10% of the population, or 19 million Americans, in a given year, if you think that you’re the only one, sorry say this but you’re wrong. Perhaps, the person in front of you is also struggling in life. Just like what the lyrics say, you need to stand alone and fight for it.

Ode to Joy: There Will Be Happiness Waiting for You

This soundtrack can be heard in a Chinese drama entitled: Ode to Joy which is a story of five modern women who live in the Ode of Joy apartment. They all have different personalities with different backgrounds in life, but they eventually became good friends. “There is always love waiting for you. Do not give up easily.” The kind of love that the song was referring to is the love that you should give to yourself. You need to have a sparkle of love that your life deserves. There Will Be Happiness Waiting for You was interpreted by the five lead characters of the drama.

Big Little Lies: This Feeling

This is how the lyrics goes, “I’ve been having me a real hard time but it feels so nice to know I’m gonna be alright.” This song talks about hoping and dreaming, which can also be found on the lyrics of the song if you’ll listen to it. You might be having a hard time right now, but you must remember that everything’s going to be fine. Perhaps not now but soon, it will. You just need to believe in yourself that you will make it. Alabama Shakes which is a blues rock band from USA sang this song.



The Greatest Love: The Greatest Love Of All

This popular Whitney Houston song became the official theme song of the drama which also shares the similar title. Some of the “teleseryes” or television series in the Philippines usually got their title from the theme song of a particular drama. “If I fail, if I succeed at least I’ll live as I believe.” It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you’ll make or how many trophies you will win, the important thing is you know how to live your life the way you want it. That’s where you’ll find the greatest love, by loving and living your life.

The Liar and His Lover: Your Days

As what the lyrics say, “It’s not easy to grow up but everyone feels the same thing. You can do it.” You’re not the only one who’s experiencing the hardships in life and in the midst of a certain problem. Everyone is struggling. Many people are dealing with self care and wellness issues.There are days where we want to just give up and never move forward. There are days where everything seems to be not in our favor but since it’s your days, you have the power to be in charge of how you will going to make your day right. This song was sung by Joy of the Korean girl-group, Red Velvet.

The old Taylor Swift once said, “People haven’t always been there for me but music always has.” No matter how much friends we had, there will always be a time where the only thing that could heal us is music. There is something about music that kept us drawn with it. It can help relieve a person from anxiety, depression, and other emotional and mental problems.

You might ask, what is the connection of magic to music? Well, this is what you feel whenever you hear a certain music. It’s like a magic has been cast on you and all you have to do is to follow the emotion that the music gives.


Donna Estrada is a twenty-something who promotes optimism and values personal growth.  She loves reading books and blogs about motivation and productivity, and sometimes she contributes for Sign Letter Source and Aviv Movers.