5 Steps to Get Rid of a Sunburn STAT

If you’re like us, then the words “back to school” mean many things but one of them is get your butt to a pool or beach or lake to soak up the last few days of summer!

We’re firm believers in daily SPF for no matter your lifestyle, but if you’re human then you’ve probably overdone it in the sun sometime in your life.

Hopefully that never happens to you again (damaging skin, premature wrinkling, eih eih eih why is the sun so hard on us?!!). But in the event you end up sporting a sunburn, follow these 5 tips for a speedy recovery… and if you’re using my fav Juara Candlenut Body Creme then you’ll smell absolutely DIVINE while doing it!

Juara goodies can be bought at Bloomingdale’s Space NK and JuaraSkincare.com

Fun Fact: step 1 (taking a cold shower immediately) is less about the soothing feeling of cold water and more about rinsing off chemicals (from the pool) that are uber-drying and make a sunburn feel worse!

p.s. I use the word “STAT” a good deal in my vocabulary. But as I was writing this I realized, omg I don’t actually know what it stands for! So I looked it up and get this, it’s a medical term for “Sooner than already there.” Clever. And to the point. It’s in the same vein of “yeah I need that facial like yesterday!”


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