5 ways you can end sexual violence on college campuses right now

Real talk: sexual violence on college campuses is so prevalent that 1 in 5 women is sexually assaulted during her college career. This means that even if you haven’t personally been a victim of sexual violence, it’s likely that one of your close friends has.

Here’s another disgusting fact: as prevalent as sexual violence is, there are no systems in place to prevent rape culture. Brock Turner isn’t an anomaly— in many cases, male assailants aren’t even punished by their university systems, forget the court of law. When some college women report their assaults, they’re questioned as if they were their own assailants (and the investigations end there). But, guess what?

It’s not a woman’s job to stop herself from being sexually assaulted.

We know this, bossery, but how can we (and you!) help the world know this?

The New Agenda, a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls, is making major moves in this arena. Here are five ways that you can get involved and help end sexual violence on college campuses:

1. Sign up for one of the SToPP 5k races/walks!

There will be races at Bucknell University, Iona College, Cornell University, SUNY Geneseo and Middlebury College. If you’re not in college, there’s a virtual one!

Find more information here.

Photo: The New Agenda
Photo: The New Agenda


2. Can’t make it to a race? Make a donation.

Even $5 will help. Donate here.


3. Or, participate in the #SToPP5k2016 contest on social media!

Photo: Jordana Gilman
Photo: Jordana Gilman

Help spread awareness by entering the #SToPP5k2016 contest starting on October 11th. You don’t have to participate in any of the races to enter. All that you have to do is post a picture on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter holding a sign with a message about sexual violence and the contest hashtag.


4. Get you friends to participate!

Share this article on Facebook, Twitter or in your group-chat with your friends. Even if you’re not able to help out, your friend (or their friend) might be able to.


5. Start where you are.

Yup! That’s right bossery, you can start right on your own college campus. Find out if there are any women’s advocacy groups on your campus. If there isn’t one, create one!

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons photo by Steve Rhodes
Photo: Flickr Creative Commons photo by Steve Rhodes



Will you be participating in this year’s #SToPP5k, bossery?
Let us know!