5 Easy-Peezy Yoga Poses for a Zero-Stress Holiday Season

From the gift-giving, to the party-planning, to the decorating, to the cookie-making, holiday time is both wonderfully joyous AND potentially stress-inducing.

If you want more of the warm ‘n’ fuzzies and less of the anxiety, take this easy first step: BREATHE. 

Seriously, when you feel anxiety creeping up, or irritation boiling over, inhale for 5 counts and exhale for 5 counts. Do this about five times and you’ll feel more grounded.

Take it one step further with a few yoga poses for stress-reduction (it’s crazy what just 30 seconds of bending can do for your headspace!).

Well + Good and Core Power Yoga teamed up to give this adorable post on 5 Yoga Poses for a Stress-free, Happy Holiday Season (complete with 5 cute demonstration GIFs!).

If you stand in tree while decorating your tree, maybe the tangled lights won’t seem like as much of a disaster?


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