8 Things I Did in College That I Do Not Regret in the Slightest (and why you shouldn’t either!)

college advice for frehsmanGreetings boss girls (and boss boys)! So I just graduated from NYU (Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden was pretty cool, not gonna lie) and I’ve been doing some reflecting on these last 4 years (I’m known to get a little sentimental, even at a good Kleenex ad).

So I love getting words of wisdom from friends and people I admire. I’ve also asked people high up in their fields if they have any regrets and they often give some insightful answers (“Tell the people that you love, that you love them. Every day” ~ Ilana Glazer,
“Be ballsy & have chutzpah”~ Donna Gigliotti,
“Laugh more, worry less” ~ok that one’s my dad hehehe.) 

But I’ve realized we should also be asking folks, what DON’T you regret? What are you totally grateful that you did, that you’d do again the same way?

Whether you’re applying to college, starting in the fall and want advice for college freshmen, already well through your university career, or have joined the ranks of alums, I hope these
8 Things I Did in College That I’ll Never Regret
 ring true with you too.

So friends, you’ve heard my smorgasbord of things I’ll never regret doing in college:

  1. Going with my gut about school
  2. Remembering home
  3. Studying abroad in London
  4. Prioritizing my mental health & wellness (and taking advantage of free NYU therapy sessions woot woot!)
  5. Finding a mentor (love you Dixie!)
  6. Museum-ing with my student I.D. 🙂
  7. Scheduling weekly girls-night-in
  8. Starting HelloLucyDesign.com!

What are (or will be!) your regret-nots?

xo, Lucy - advice for college freshmen


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