So You’re An Adult, Huh? 10 Things to Start Doing if You Haven’t Already

Ok so maybe I’m not quite the right person to be writing this because who even knows if I’m much of an adult, but at the very least I know what I don’t know. All I can do is keep evolving on up. 

We might as well be a little proactive about adulting, right? Perhaps take one of these on this week and COMMIT!

Cook for yourself

Takeout can be a godsend and who doesn’t enjoy eating out?! But doing that all the time just isn’t reasonable or cost-effective! Plus cooking can be de-stressing, fun, and empowers you to take greater care over your own health. 

Now if only we could like like Bey whilst stirring whatever’s in that skillet…


Make understanding your short- and long-term finances a priority

This one is just practical, both saving money and keeping an eye on your bank account. Create a basic budget for yourself, figure out your taxes, start a retirement account, and know how credit cards work (aka PAY THEM IN FULL EVERY MONTH! TREAT IT LIKE A DEBIT CARD!). If I’m being totally honest, I have a lot to learn about finances, but I know that understanding and taking ownership of my personal finances will only make my life better. I shall keep you guys posted. But in the meantime here’s wisdom from our EIC on a super simple way to save $1K automatically.

Get better at saying “No”

Part of getting older is realizing what you do and do not want to do. Get this: you have the freedom to choose! So when someone says “Hey, want to go do this thing?” and you legitimately do not want to go do the thing, tell them as much. Similarly, if you have overextended yourself and do not have time to do the thing (I have this problem a lot), just say no. It’s better to focus your energies on a few things and do them well than to try to commit to doing too much and letting people down. The flip side of this is too honor other people’s decision to say “no” and not take it personally.



I am referring both to networking professionally and socially, though they often overlap. A healthy well-rounded adult knows how to meet new people, conquer public speaking, put your best foot forward, and nurture relationships. This is how to network (because you quite possibly have been doing it all wrong!). And if you’re socially awk, we got you covered there too. 


Travel often

If it means going on small day trips or staycations, do it. If it means traveling solo, do it. Channel your inner Nike and JUST DO IT! Read here on why I believe travel is one of the most important things to do in life.



Read, read, read. Read newspapers and magazines and mystery novels and email newsletters and Buzzfeed articles and websites like this because the you can use that knowledge to do more good. Whether that means you’re reading a funny listicle that makes you laugh or you’re drawing inspo to go after what you want from Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me or you’re trying to understand what’s going on in Syria so you can help, READ. 


Take care of your health

You can’t pour from an empty cup, right? So cover the basics. Sleep, food, socialization. From getting into a good workout routine to making sure you go to all of your medical checkups each year to sleeping enough every night, you should learn to take care of yourself because as an adult, no one else is going to do it for you. And after all, we only get one body in this life and will be with it the whole ride, so we might as well make it enjoyable. 


Know how to do some basic practical tasks

Changing tires, doing your taxes, ironing a shirt, cleaning your apartment, hanging shelves or frames on a wall, jump starting a car — there are just some skills that you should really know how to do on your own. You want to know when these skills are needed? When someone’s not there to do it for you! So channel your inner Ralph Waldo Emerson and get self-reliant. 

Be on time

Being constantly late is incredibly inconsiderate — it wastes other people’s time and shows that you have no respect for them. Not only that, but it also sucks having to rush around from place to place feeling anxious and having to apologize and make up excuses for yourself, not to mention when something goes wrong in transit and you have no leeway for that subway delay or traffic jam. If you have to, plan to be to the meeting a half an hour early and put it in your schedule as such so that even if you are late for being early, you are still actually on time. As the saying goes, “Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable!”


Use the Oxford comma

Not only does the Oxford comma provide visual balance when ending a series, but the lack of it can really cause some confusion. In fact, a court recently ruled a company owed its workers $10 million all because the contract lacked an Oxford comma! So use oxford commas to avoid unnecessary confusion and frustration. 

credit: Tabatha Yeatts