#BestoftheWeb: Viola Davis, Zendaya and Hailee Steinfeld

Ahhh, the sweet smell of success!  There’s nothing more beautiful than an ambitious and accomplished woman.  When a woman rides the wave of success, virtually nothing can stop her.  This week, we feature three multi-talented actresses who are at the top of their game.  Their careers are thriving in the present and their futures are so bright, they need to wear sunglasses!  These award-winning women have received a great deal of praise from the entertainment industry, and most of all, they are blazing a trail for other women.

  1.  Why Viola Davis’ Emmy Win Is a Victory for All Actresses of Color

Viola Davis’ Emmy win made history!  And her acceptance speech was just as epic.  This Julliard graduate virtually dedicated her Emmy to promote opportunity among women of color for “leading lady” roles. 

Viola Davis’ Speech:

  1.  Beauty Math: Zendaya Coleman

What’s better than admiring Zendaya’s amazing style?  Learning how to get her look for yourself!  This quick tutorial tells you how to rock her long, polished braid from the Teen Choice Awards!  The high placement of the braid will show everyone your love for that laid-back 90s vibe.


  1.  Hailee Steinfeld Preps Debut Album with ‘Love Yourself’

Hailee Steinfeld is ready to tell the world that she’s much more than an Oscar nominated actress and “Pitch Perfect 2” singer.  The first single “Love Yourself,” from her upcoming solo album, is a charged self-esteem anthem.  Like her t-shirt reads in the official music video, “Self Service,” Hailee rallies her fans to celebrate self-sufficiency – emotionally and financially.