Why Biden Is My Political Grandpa & What His Legacy Means for Us

Joe Biden is my political grandpa. He’s a sweet old man, who has inspired memes, brought Americans together, and whose antics are a delight, all while standing firm on protecting women, children, the middle class, and equality.

Biden is a lovable grandpa for more than his love of ice cream, recycling of old styles (like those aviator glasses he’s had for years), and belief in human equality. He’s a grandpa because he acts as beacon of hope and has stood behind an ideological stance that we can continue into the future. He’s a reminder that many baby boomers aren’t full of hate, that there is a legacy of progressivism, and that we aren’t held back by the older generation.

He’s a grandpa because he acts as beacon of hope.


Biden, our favorite old man in politics, is a long-standing proponent of equality among all people in America. Even his most controversial policies and statements on equality come from a good place. One of his most controversial policies was his support and help in creation of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which put more people in the penal system (a system which disproportionately affects minorities).

He also has spoken about supporting women in business as a measure of economic growth. He demonstrated this cause by advocating for women in business by attempting to constitute childcare provisions, a reduction of violence, and an increased availability of education. Women constitute half our population, so it seems quite logical that increasing their quality of life, and reducing inequality in the workplace would have positive impacts not only culturally, but economically on our GDP.


Bridging the Generational Gap

Biden speaks to a lot of young people. He represents forward-thinking values that resonate with many millennials, the ideas we want older generations to help us continue: the idea of equality, the idea of a fair chance, and the idea of moving forward where we can. A collective humanist ideal that’s more dreamy than those young Joe curls.


Only 24 million of us eligible millennials voted this election, we are fairly politically neutral, and are interested in healthcare, the economy, and education. And our political grandpa Biden holds similar values as millennials and has shown it in his political career.

Back in 2007, Biden outlined a healthcare plan called CARE that would’ve provided healthcare to all children, insured affordable access to adults, would cover catastrophic cases and help them get reinsured, and focus on putting preventative measures in people’s hands.

Millennials want a healthcare system that works, that helps people be productive members of society by helping them be less ill, and that gives them value for their dollar. Biden’s early attempt at health care reform show’s that he is the political grandpa, a solid political base for my generation, who want people to be treated for their ailments.

Biden supports a balanced budget, and doesn’t want to go into debt, just like millennials who are frightened off of debt from their student loans and purposefully don’t invest in credit cards. There’s something practical about wanting to deal with money in a reasonable manner — no borrowing from retirement to fund war or a big house.

Millennials are paying for their education in bucketloads of cash. They may not be ringing up credit card debt, buying diamonds, or houses, but they are investing in their education. This is something Biden also wants to do. He believes, like millennials, that good education is the future of our nation, which is fantastic news for any young person like myself who wants to succeed.

Moving Forward: What We Can Do Today

Moving forward with the great ideas set forward by our favorite political grandpa, the outstanding, progressive humanist Joe Biden, we can continue to move forward, and build on the foundation set by our parents and grandparents. The older generation helped us set the precedent for society today. They started to get rid of racism and violence, and tried to create a better world for people. We can continue the work of those early progressives.

We can do a lot more than hippify the office, get stores to go digital, and allegedly kill everything from the golf industry to the diamond monopoly.

Here’s the deal: we young people have a lot of manpower that can be used to move the country forward. We can do a lot more than hippify the office, get stores to go digital, and allegedly kill everything from the golf industry to the diamond monopoly.

We can also change the political climate and move humans forward, if we start voting. Millennials rival boomers in the number of eligible voters; we just have to start flexing our political might. Make your voice count and try one of these easily accessible methods of political action:



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