Busy People Say Yes to Many Things: Why I Love Amy Poehler


We all know Amy Poehler as a super funny lady– from her Saturday Night Live days to currently starring in the hit sitcom Parks and Recreation. But that’s not all Amy is up to these days. As one of the hardest working ladies in Hollywood, Amy has so many projects coming up. It’s crazy to think one person can do it all, but somehow, she can and we’re beyond excited. Check out some of the projects Ms. Poehler has in the pipeline:

  • Smart Girls At The Party– Smart Girls at the Party, a web series started by Poehler, Meredith Walker and Amy Miles, has grown into an online community for women of all ages. Its motto is Change the World by Being Yourself. Smart Girls is a great place to read articles, get information about volunteer opportunities, and get inspired to make a difference. Smart Girls is a way for Amy to lead a generation of girls and guys to make a change by being true to themselves—and the brand is continuing to grow! Amy announced this month that Smart Girls is teaming up with Legendary Digital Network and will be producing more shows and online content.
  • Yes Please– Amy’s highly anticipated memoir Yes Please just came out October 28th. The memoir includes stories of her SNL days, Amy’s road to success, and even a chapter devoted to her “comedy wife” Tina Fey.
  • UCBThe Upright Citizens Brigade is an improv and sketch comedy theater and training center located in New York and Los Angeles. It was started by the UCB 4 which includes Poehler, Matt Besser, Matt Walsh and Ian Roberts. Writers and performers on shows like Saturday Night Live, Key and Peele and Broad City have come straight from UCB and the theater continues to grow. This month UCB LA announced that it is opening a brand new theater and training center on Sunset Boulevard. Earlier this year the UCB NY opened a brand new training center as well. The growth of both theaters shows the impact of UCB in cultivating the next generation of comedians.
  • Broad CitySpeaking of UCB and Broad City, the second season of the Comedy Central show that Amy Poehler executive produces is set to premiere in January. Broad City started out as a hit web series written by and starring UCB alums Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, and was brought to Comedy Central for television audiences. This is a prime example of Amy knowing what’s great and using her platform to give opportunity to other funny ladies.
  • Inside OutPixar released the first teaser trailer of its next movie, Inside Out, this month. The film stars Poehler as Joy, one of the emotions that lives in the Headquarters that controls a young girl’s mind. I think voicing a Pixar character is on everyone’s dream To-Do list and Amy can now check that off.
  • Parks and RecreationAnd last but definitely not least, I’m excited about the seventh and  final season of Parks and Recreation. Even though I’m sad to see the fictional town of Pawnee go, I cannot wait to see what happens to Leslie and all her friends at the Parks Department. Last season, we saw Leslie Knope deal with deciding between taking on an amazing job and leaving the ones she loves, or stay in Pawnee. Through her problem solving and negotiation skills, Knope was able to find a have-it-all solution by moving the great job to Pawnee. Poehler has driven this great character of Leslie Knope for six seasons. She has shown that funny and feminism can co-exist, while giving viewers a strong character to look up to as we forge our own career paths. Now I just cannot wait to see how everything unfolds!

Amy Poehler could have stopped at just being a comedian we love seeing  on TV, but that wasn’t enough. She has showed us that it’s not only possible to have your hand in many projects, but it’s completely doable. She has also gone above and beyond to make sure that the platform she has established for herself is made accessible to other up and coming comedians. Poehler is looking to the future of comedy and entertainment, and we are looking forward to a future full of Amy Poehler.