Be Unconventional for that new career opportunity


Be Unconventional for that new career opportunity

Unconventional definition: “Not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed”

Ever wonder why someone’s career takes off, sky rockets, launches, or they are promoted?

It’s because they are not following the crowd, they are being the unconventional. To be unconventional you need to be creative and bold.

As an actor I get to play many versions of myself, and extraordinary characters. I live in a land of make believe and use my creativity and imagination to tell stories.

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This is Yvonne, holistic healer. I played this character while studying at the Tisch School of the Arts at the Atlantic Acting School. She is the epitomy of unconventionality. She uses her energy and her connection to people to empower and instill belief in others and in herself.

Think outside the box

Sometimes women at work feel they should conform to their work place, but it is with your creative and intuitive unconventionality that will get you noticed and recognized. And who knows maybe promoted! It can also help you get that job you’ve always been after. You must think outside the box!

For example in the acting world an Actor goes in for an audition with the same sides as hundreds before them, how does their unconventionality make them the most appealing for the part? It is their originality – using their personality and attitude to not make the “right” impression, but to stamp their mark on the piece.

Be ready with ideas and strategies

This is similar for a new job, or even when you are up for a promotion at work, you need to stand out. Whether you have come up with a new idea for the company to gain more followers or social media strategies, you need to define what you are going to bring to the table. This will help to put you in a position to progress your career further, and aid the company’s professional progression.

This is how you achieve your goals– you need to think outside the box! Be as whacky as Yvonne, be as professional as Geena Davis, be an entreprenur and an artist like Reese Witherspoon, be a creative visonary like Barbara Broccoli!

Be unconventional in your career to achieve your goals


Be unconventional

Piera Van de Wiel

Piera Van de Wiel is an actor, singer & producer and an LBG contributor. She is Founder & Lead Vocalist at Stronger With Music, an all-female artists' collective empowering women through music. Piera has worked with BAFTA, Princess Grace Foundation, & was Co-Director of the Fusion Film Festival. Whether she is in front of the camera or behind it, Piera is advocating for women's voices and stories to be heard.