Cellulite is A) normal and B) not a bad thing

After our post last week about loving your own bikini bod, we couldn’t help but research more self-love during this swimsuit-clad time of year.

At Teen Vogue, writer Ellen Ceron schooled us on cellulite. Guess what? Cellulite is literally the result of your fibers attaching your skin to your muscle, and that means your body is working how it should be!

More importantly, Ceron reminds us that having cellulite has literally nothing to do with our goodness as a human being. So keep doing you Boss Girl.


Here’s the thing, though: you’re no less attractive just because the backs of your thighs ripple when you sit down. You’re no less smart, no less funny, no less kind, or a worse friend. Cellulite can’t tell you anything about your personality or your life. The most it says is what it says about the bodies of almost every other woman on earth — that your skin is attached to your muscle in the way it should be.

~Ellen Ceron, Teen Vogue


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