Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Teaching Feminism Like a Boss

You may know her from the “Flawless” song by Beyoncè or by having listened to her TED Talks. Either way, as a scholar, writer, teacher and speaker, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has impacted many to rethink feminism and equal rights.

Born in Enugu State, Nigeria, Chimamanda grew up as one of five siblings born to professor parents. She attended Eastern Connecticut State, receiving a Bachelors degree in Political Science and Communications. Next, Chimamanda earned a Masters degree in creative writing at John Hopkins University and a Masters of Art African Studies at Yale University. Her notable works are Half of a Yellow Sun (2006) and Americanah (2013).

What makes her so inspiring is the fact that she touches on political and social topics that few others discuss. In one notable talk, “We Should All Want to be Feminist,” she discusses how the feminist concept is misconstrued as one in which hating men or not wanting to be a mother is popular. However, she explains that feminism is a fight for equal opportunities for every man and woman. Essentially, she argues, everyone—no matter race, creed, gender or color— should be considered equal to one another. Chimamanda shines a positive light on feminism, and brands it as something we should be proud, not ashamed of.

What makes Chimamanda a good role model for us young women is her commitment to teaching others about social injustices and how we can change them. For example, she teaches that by truly believing that feminism is a positive movement, and exuding this belief in our day-to-day actions, others will want to join the feminist movement, too. Now that is spreading feminism like a boss!

Photo courtesy of beyond