Declutter and Decorate: How To Amp Up Your Bedroom Decor To Reflect Your Signature Style

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Ah… the bedroom.

Whether you live with your parents, have roommates, live on your own, or share your room it’s often the only room that is uniquely yours.

According to The Do Not Enter Diaries mission statement, written by site creators Emily Cohn and Emma Orlow, “The bedroom is a physical manifestation of a diary.” Their vlog explores how the choices we make in bedroom decor serve as an extension of our wants, dreams and personal style.

So if our bedrooms are a reflection of our inner lives, why do so many of us have bedrooms that are just… meh?

It usually boils down to three reasons. We don’t have the money, we can’t put up anything permanent, and we just don’t have the time.

Don’t worry- you don’t have to be a interior decorator with a limitless bank account to change things up. We’ve put together a Pinterest extravaganza to help you make your bedroom a killer gal-cave as unique as you are—and enable you to it on a budget and in a weekend.


Admittedly, this is the least exciting part of the job. But how are you going to showcase your personality if it’s hidden by a 5-foot pile of dirty clothes and old notebooks?

According tp cleaning consultant Marie Kondo, author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing,” the key to letting go of junk is to pick up each item and ask yourself: “does it bring me joy?” If the answer is no, out it goes.

People have been so amazed by the transformative results of her method that they’ve created clubs and Facebook groups. Check out our “De-Clutter” board on Pinterest to learn how to trash your junk.


Find bedroom decor to match your mood and taste. If you’re a modern bohemian, spending time in a minimalist zen atmosphere isn’t likely to inspire.

Having a hard time figuring out if you’re eclectic or sporty? Gamer or bookworm? Check out our “Bedroom Styles” board on Pinterest.


Ask any interior designer what singular change can make the biggest impact and they’ll tell you the same thing: paint your walls.

Before you whip out the ladder and brush, consider how different colors make you feel. A little research about “color psychology” reveals some surprises: light blue is calming and peaceful whereas bright blue is energizing and stirring.

If you want a bold color like orange, but don’t want to feel like you’re living inside of a tangerine, paint just one wall for a more subtle accent.

If you’re not into painting, there are other simple ways to make a statement with your walls.

Wall decals are a fun way to add originality, plus they’re easy to remove. You can get them for less than $15.

Those photos that you’ve got taped up every which way? You don’t need to spend money on frames to make an impressive wall gallery—make a collage instead. Arrange your photos on the floor in a few different layouts to find which works best. Don’t stick just to symmetrical designs – mix it up! Here are a few different design principles for creating a successful collage, from photographer Cassandra Plummer.

Check out some more budget wall-transformation ideas on our “Creative Walls” board.


You just spent all that time getting rid of stuff—the last thing you want to do is fill it up with new stuff. Take inventory of what you’ve got and see if you can use it in a way you never considered before.

Are your t-shirts taking up all your drawer space? You can keep the ones you love but never wear by turning them into a t-shirt quilt or an easy-peasy pillow set.

That giant tangle of christmas lights you used once? They can romantically light postcard and photo displays.

You don’t need to have a sewing machine to make stylish window treatments either. One yard of fabric, three-dollar tension rods and some fabric glue is all it takes to make “no-sew” roman shades, single or double-clipped shades.

Discover a bounty of easy-craft ideas on our Up-Cycled Bedroom board.

While we can’t all be the decorating genius that is LABG’s own Dixie Laite. (Has any other mortal been featured three different times on Apartment Therapy?) But she definitely has the best decorating advice you’ll ever hear: “Let your freak flag fly! Decorate your house to please yourself; surround yourself with things that make you happy.”

Featured Image Credit: Homestilo via Flickr