Declutter Your Life in 19 Steps… or Just One!

TLDR: decluttering that which no longer serves us feels awesome. Here’s a step-by-step in Refinery 29’s How To Have An Adult Apartment (& Life!).

Let’s face it: not all of us love to clean like Monica Gellar in Friends. We can’t all be yellow-gloved cleaning-fiends like Courtney Cox’s legendary character. (I do believe in the power of making my bed every morning, so at least I’ve got that going for me!)

So if you’re like me, then your way of “cleaning up” tends to be gathering things off multiple surfaces and consolidating them onto one…

Fun Fact, Lucy: that’s still clutter.

I currently bop around the country doing videography and web marketing jobs, and when I came home for a bit 2 months ago, I realized HOLY COW this room is stuck in 2011.

And even in 2011 it was holding onto some unnecessary clutter from years 2007-2010!

So a college friend’s soon-to-be visit prompted me to do some cathartic purging and let go of that which no longer served me. Everything from the digital camera I got for my 13th birthday, to those Vera Bradley tote bags that just didn’t fit my style anymore, to oh-so-adorable stationery that I loved but never used, had to go to a new home.

I operated under this thinking:

“If I get rid of this thing,
will I still hold as much or more memory/joy of it as I do now
(aka as it sits collecting dust)?”

If the answer was yes,
then it was time to say “ta-ta!”

If the answer was no,
then it was time to find a practical
and pleasant place in my room for it to be used and appreciated.

And you know what’s fun about de-cluttering?

It can be a very heartwarming walk down memory lane.

Like when I found this collection of amazing mixes my friend made for us our junior and senior year of high school:declutter cds
Ok confession time: those got saved even though I have all the mixes on iTunes! Rome wasn’t built in a day, people!

Want more inspiration and a step-by-step approach to decluttering your life? Check out Refinery 29’s awesome bite-sized advice on How To Have An Adult Apartment (& Life!) (there’s 19 simple steps to an organized, decluttered space!).

Your task: clear off and freshen up your bedside table. You’ll go to bed and wake up feeling a little more awesome.