Five Do-able and Life-Changing New Year’s Resolutions That Every Girl Should Make

Here at Like a Boss Girls, we think the New Year is a great time to take stock of all that you’ve accomplished, to remind yourself of what matters most to you–and recommit yourself to becoming the person you want to be. Here are five resolutions that every girl should make for a happier, healthier year ahead:

Love yourself more: You’ve got to make time for you, whether that means taking time to make nutritious food for yourself, exercising, or just committing to getting more sleep. You’re totally worth the effort! Plus, when you’re feeling good, you’ll have the energy you need to stay committed to the causes you care about.

Stand up for what you believe in:  We are so proud of how many teens we’ve met that stand up for what’s important to them. Why not commit to doing something you believe in every day, like standing up for peers who are being bullied? We love this quote from our guest blogger Benni Cinkle, “…I do think that there’s strength in numbers. And if each of us decides to have a friend’s back if we see someone being bullied and want to put an end to it, I think we’d have a fair shot at making bullying a thing of the past.” Whether it’s bullying or a little-known cause that needs exposure, make this year the year you make your mark every day.

Try something new: It’s hard to know what you like unless you give it a shot! So enter a contest, join a club, volunteer in your community, or try a part-time job or internship. Even when something isn’t a great fit, your efforts aren’t for nothing: you still make friends, build your resume and develop your network.

Stay positive: We all have fears and insecurities–they’re just a part of life. Sometimes the thoughts are fleeting, but sometimes they nag at you, ruining your day and causing you to feel down. Negative thinking can spiral out of control, so it’s a good idea to have a few strategies in your back pocket for stop that insecurity train. Read our 7 Tips for Dealing with Fears and Insecurities to build positivity in the upcoming year.

Follow your passions: Here at Like A Boss Girls, we meet dozens of girls who crush it. What do these business owners, social activists and changemakers all have in common?  They lead a happy life that’s fueled by following their passions. Read about how they do it here, then set a goal for how you can follow your passions in the new year.