Got 3 Minutes for Badass Entrepreneurial Truth Bombs?

A diverse bunch of entrepreneurs and business leaders came together to talk innovation and business philosophy at the CapXTalk in Boston. The panel was also livestreamed for free, so of course I and the Boss Girls team tuned in. (fun fact: you can watch the talk here for free).

The talk was a short and sweet 35 minutes but the panelists dropped some awesome business truth bombs.

Here are my favs*. As always, draw inspo from what works for you, and drop what doesn’t!


* Some of these I’m paraphrasing, but the panelists’ intent is there 😉

capital one boston innovation talk

Pat Petitti, CEO & Co-Founder at HourlyNerd

“There’s usually two reasons you haven’t started your business. It’s either the fear to fail or somebody told you your idea was bad. Every one on this stage has been told both of those things. It’s the culmination of failures will lead to your success. You will suceed if you get really comfortabe with continuously failing, really fast.”


Wombi Rose, CEO & Co-Founder at Lovepop Cards

“It’s becoming easier and easier to do what you love. It’s not necessarily about launching a platform/business for everybody. It’s about knowing who you are and what you get excited about and figuring out how to do that. Once you’ve identified what you care about, that’s what you should throw yourself into. It’s a purpose-driven philosophy.”


Dave McLaughlin, General Manager of Eastern U.S. & Canada at WeWork
(When asked what he would tell entrepreneurs and innovators just starting out)

“Don’t be too precious with this stuff. Take action. If you have an idea for left-handed spaghetti twisters, then buy some Google Adwords for “left-handed spaghetti twisters” and see what hits you get!

I wish I had known that it was about learning, and not about perfect performance.”


Jim Kresge, Head of Digital Commerce Engineering at Capital One
(When asked what he would tell entrepreneurs and innovators just starting out)

“Leadership is not about telling people what to do. Leadership is about serving. How can you help these people be GREAT?”


Feng Chang, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy at Rue La La

“Always think of your customer. Where is she in her day? What does she want? How does she use the physical world around her?”

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Capital One.  The opinions and text are all mine.