Greatest Business Lessons Learned From Orange Is The New Black

Those who have already finished binge watching season three of Orange Is The New Black know how resourceful and entrepreneurial the girls on the show can be. But for future fans or those still working through the show, there is plenty to be learned from some of our favorite inmates on the show. (Well, beyond the fact that we definitely, *DEFINITELY* don’t want to go to prison!) Here are the best bits of business advice we took away from season three of the show, which just debuted on Netflix.

“I encourage you all to follow your own path.”

—Yoga Jones, Episode one

We can all learn a lot from Yoga Jones’ mindful advice: there is more than one pathway to success. Being a boss means sometimes having to forge your own way in the world, and being true to yourself will make that venture all the more rewarding.


“I refuse to be invisible.”

—Big Boo, Episode four

Big Boo knows what it’s like to be told no, but that doesn’t stop her from pursuing what she wants. As Boo shows, the important thing is to let your voice be heard and to stand up for what you believe in. You are your biggest advocate!


“It feels like opportunities are sprouting up all around us.”

—Red, Episode five

Red always keeps both eyes open for the next big opportunity. When first starting out, it is important to share Red’s optimistic, entrepreneurial spirit; this will prime you to seize the day when it’s your time to shine.


“I spend most of my time trying to understand things.”

—Suzanne (Crazy Eyes), Episode five

Being a boss isn’t always easy, and knowing when to ask for help is super important! Knowing how to ask the right questions is a great skill to have at any point in your life. After all, you can’t be expected to know everything all the time.


“The opposite of you is boring.”

—Taystee, Episode five

You may need to grow and change more than you expect when forging your career, but that doesn’t mean you need to lose sight of who you are in the process. Remember: being you is what got you to this point! Make sure to honor yourself and your goals by being the best you you can be.


“Increasing your income doesn’t make you happier.”

—Piper, Episode seven

There are many ways to measure success—and plot twist—measuring in dollars might make you less happy than you might think. For most, success comes from working at something you believe in and enjoy.