Shake It Off cuz Haters Gonna Hate

Happy Monday! Hope your Fourth-of-July weekend was nothing short of fabulous–fireworks, swimming, socializing, and apple pie-eating.

I had a fun 4th, too. My dad put on one of his best firework displays (see below!) at my family’s farm down in Kimmswick, MO, I got to see my east coast cousins who I adore, and the mosquitos were not too bad. #winning

However, there was one party guest who really ground my gears. While I can’t say I’m dying to dine with this person again, it did remind me of an important lesson to shake it off TSwift-style…

What’s your experience & advice on getting over negative people?

love and light,

xo, Lucy

p.s. here’s our girl Taylor reminding us to shake it off because haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate : )

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