How One Social Media Freelancer Became a Profitable Founder in Just 12 Months

Meet Elena Hansen, the founder and creative director of Los Angeles–based social media marketing agency Swim Social.

MY DOMAINE did a pretty great Q+A piece with this freelancer-turned-entrepreneur who turned her social-media marketing business (a one-woman show) into a profitable company with 11 employees in just 12 months.

Read the full piece here: How One Freelancer Became a Profitable Founder in Just 12 Months.

Our fav piece of advice for new entrepreneurs:

No opportunity is too small. I approached every opportunity like it was a game changer for me and for the business. This will help you build a strong reputation. Everyone thinks of the big opportunities when they start a business, but it’s really about killing it on a small scale. You never know who you’re going to meet through different opportunities, so it’s always important to give your all.

–Elena Hansen, Swim Social Creative Director + Founder

She just might have nailed the secret to success… and she’s only just beginning