How I Move Around My Body to Stay Healthy and Don’t Totally Hate It

I hate running. I hate running so hard.

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It makes my knees hurt and like I definitely might possibly die.

But… with the stair stepper I can plug in some fantasy about climbing Olympus into my brain and pretend I’m climbing to conquer the Gods. With yoga I can pretend like one day I’m going to be flexible enough to pull off mid conversation unexpected splits or I might be able to escape crazy scenarios with some extreme flexibility.

Basically, if I can find a way to make my exercise seem like it’s going to make my life cool and awesome and that I could totally use it to become a ninja without injuring myself, then I’m down to clown.


It Has To Make Me Feel Epic

Feeling epic, like a super villainess standing at the edge of a precipice glowering down at a world held in her clutches. I like exercise that makes me feel like I could float or punch my way to the moon. This can be a number of movements, depending on the person. It could be surfing, which has an element of danger, and can seem like floating on the floor, or in a similar vein, snowboarding for the cold climated birds.

However, I don’t have balance, so while floating on the floor seems epic, it’s not something that calms me down. I like to do slower activities like hiking by myself (the more remote the better) or doing some boulder jumping. It makes me feel epic, but not like I’m going to fall directly onto my face.


I Have to Feel Like I’m Accomplishing Something

One of the reasons that walking up big hills is great for me, is because it feels like I’ve gotten something done when I reach the top of the hill. Trackable goals make me feel like I am actually doing something with my time. For me that’s either an immediate goal in my work out (like the top of the hill), or some great goal (like being able to touch my toe like a cheerleader or being able to lift heavier things). I’m impatient AF.

I would like to see that I am getting better without having to track it manually, and for it to be a fairly quick result. A lot of people are like that, which could explain the success of wearable health technology. It helps me track everything, so it might help you see the same results. I’m never going to stop-watch a run, but if something could tell me how long, and how hard I ran without me doing anything extra, then that makes running slightly more appetizing.


It’s Gotta Be Entertaining (Just Running = Not Fun Enough)

Dynamic movement is way more entertaining than a single motion. That’s why I like boulder hopping or running at night through the cemetery because it keeps my movements dynamic and constantly changing.

Instead of following one movement for a long period of time, I can change it up. Sports are great for this sort of motion, but sometimes I hate being around people. To compensate I try ParKour or climb some neighborhood trees (just kidding I keep my tree climbing limited to the forest so I don’t look like a creep).


Gamifying my running, rollerblading, definitely not *cough cough* playing shipmast, or digging up old treasures in the ground are also great ways I use to stay engaged in my workouts in the city. Keeping my motions always changing, it helps me not want to die of boredom mid-exercise.


It’s Gotta Make Me Feel Boss

Climbing mountains is a great way to feel like a boss. So is climbing Mt. Olympus to show that Zeus guy a lesson, or boulder hopping like some sort of giant person frog. Filling myself with that sort of powerful energy makes my workouts more fun and less of a chore. I’m not climbing hills to get ripped arms like Michelle Obama, I’m here to jump from this boulder to that one. To find my way up the mountain. Feeling good while I work out is what helps me (and has helped me) stick to whatever form of workin’ out I’m into at the moment.

michelle obama arms workout

Some Stuff I Really Like To Do

Literally just a list of kickin’ stuff I like to do in case you liked these “work-out” methods and aren’t sure how to put them into action:

  • Classes: ballet, kickboxing, pilates, whatever. If I don’t have to think about what I’m doing, all the better.
  • Loads of outside things: turning a bike into a 74-Z racer, rollerblading, a loosely collected fightclub in a back alley way, or just taking a walk around a nice area of town
  • Giant boulder hopping, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, or mountain biking (like a bawss)

But I Also Take Care of Myself Outside of Exercise

I have the personality of a small, grumpy child when sleep deprived. Even my favorite activities can seem like the absolute worst. That means getting plenty of sleep. One thing I did to help get some sleep, was getting blackout shades, the streetlights were emitting blue lights right into my room. Causing me to miss out on some Zzzz’s. I try eating like a decent adult, and doing what I can to take care of myself (pedicures galore!).

Because I am awesome. And physically moving around is one of the ways I can enjoy this world, while getting my body prepped to enjoy it even longer.