How To Treat Yourself Like A Boss — At Home Facial Tutorial

Part of “being a boss” is treating yourself like a boss.

This covers everything from the amount of sleep you let yourself have (preferably in the 6-8 hour range!), the wardrobe you invest in, the goals you set for yourself and your business, the way you carry yourself in private and on Twitter, etc.

You know what being a boss also includes?

Taking time to hit pause and treat yo-self.

treat yourself facial diy

Thank you Tommy Timberlake and Donna. 

In high school a guest speaker mentioned:

If you don’t respect yourself, how on earth do you expect anyone else to?

Well said guest speaker, well said.

Respecting yourself is a mind-body-spirit thing. It’s how you talk to yourself (with compassion!), what you choose to stand for, and how you take care of your being (physical, emotional, spiritual).

For me, respecting my bossness includes little time-outs to recharge from web-design, marketing, blogging, and filmmaking.

how to take time for yourself treat yoself

I block out time to:

  • practice yoga asana (aka the yoga poses)
  • color in coloring books with gel pens
  • grab a hazelnut coffee from Bread Co. (aka Panera for anyone not from St. Louis MO!)
  • deep breathe and recenter
  • snuggs with my pets
  • relax on Pinterest
  • jam out with Spotify
  • read something inspiring or beautiful (I’m currently listening to All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel, quite moving)
  • do a weekly rejuvenating at-home facial

This last one I’ve shared here with you 🙂xo, Lucy

I’d like to know what your go-to treat yo-self treat is! Perhaps it’ll be my next time-out…