Life Advice: 7 Questions She Asked That Seriously Changed Her Life

life changing questions

I’m a big believer on woman-to-woman advice. I’m also a believer in living my life in a “make things happen”-kind of way.

But I also get frustrated when I receive valid advice without the nuts and bolts of how to make said life advice happen.

Susie Moore’s wisdom is the opposite of that.

In this Greatist article, successful-as-all-heck Susie Moore outlines 7 incredibly specific (and replicable!) questions she asked that seriously changed her life. 

I realized I’ve achieved many of my dreams in life—moving to New York City, having a meaningful career, and finding love—because I haven’t been afraid to be vulnerable and ask for what I wanted.
~Susie Moore

Now go forth Bossery. Be vulnerable and ask for what you want.