Little Things That We Take for Granted in the U.S.A.

thankful for fall

merbs caramel apple fall
p.s. this is a Merb’s Caramel Apple and it has the power to change your tastebuds’ life.

With the smell of fall in the air, and Merb’s Caramel Apples making my mouth water almost hourly, I can’t help but look forward to Thanksgiving…. yes I know we have a little bit ’til then but a girl can dream!

I love the entire day, from getting to help in the kitchen with my grandma, to crafting the table arrangements, to going around the room saying what we’re thankful for.

But Thanksgiving isn’t the only time to reflect and be grateful.

Today I stumbled upon this little listicle on things to be grateful for, and thought well good grief, I sooo take these modern conveniences for granted.

While I usually focus on being grateful for the big-picture things in my life–like the way my family makes me always feel loved, or how lucky I feel to have best friends who I cannot imagine life without–it’s also nice to remember to appreciate the little things that we take for granted. After I read this article I realized I need to say “thanks universe!” to the little conveniences that make our day to day a lot more easy-going.

So here’s a little dose of gratitude from MyDomaine’s 28 Things Americans Take for Granted—But Shouldn’t

What’s on your “little-things”  list?