Mind of a Mentor: Reclaiming Your Voice with Renee Millington


Here’s the thing we all come to understand:

Amazing things don’t just happen — you make them happen. It takes focus, good ole-fashioned perseverance, and courage — both professionally and personally.

That’s what it took for Renee Millington, Head of Partnerships and Sales at Alley to get to where she is today.

Renee bravely left behind her life in Australia to pursue her version of the American Dream.

But it wasn’t sunshine the whole way. Her journey included a toxic relationship that controlled every move she made down to the shoes she bought. Ultimately Renee developed the inner strength to lift herself out of the toxicity and take ownership of all aspects of her life.

Renee was so awesome and open with this journey when she chatted with our Founder Marla. Check it out.

On healing after escaping abusive relationships:

Silence is the power of abusive relationships.
[Talking about abusive relationships] needs to be part of the general discourse.

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