#NotOkay is Right. So Let’s Do Something About It.

After the #TrumpTapes surfaced — a.k.a. the 2005  sound recording where Donald Trump bragged to former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush about groping women — author Kelly Oxford  posted on Twitter asking women to share their experiences with sexual assault using  #NotOkay. Two days later, Kelly Oxford was receiving 2 tweets per second about women’s first time being sexually assaulted. 

Enough is enough. Aren’t you disgusted? Aren’t you pissed off–and rightly so? But aren’t you also inspired by the women who are coming forward with their stories? Bringing to light, just how freaking common this is. 

Our focus here at LikeaBossGirls.com is to provide young women with the tools, information, and inspiration they need to explore and connect with their goals.  Our whole mission is to lift up the Boss Girl within you.

That’s why we’ve got to address the misogyny, sexism, and disrespect for women that has repeatedly surfaced during this Presidential campaign.

Now I won’t outline every instance of his conscious and unconscious misogyny but I encourage you to see for yourself on
Vox, the New Yorker, and the Telegraph.


My point today is two-fold.

1) Vote. Go represent your conscience on November 8. (or get your Absentee Ballot ready like I did; it takes 2 minutes.)

2) The comments on the Access Hollywood tap (the #TrumpTapes) are not a one-off; he just represents a psyche that thinks this is ok. Sexual assault and violence stem from a similar place as “just locker room talk.” 

When 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted on college campuses alone, guess what? Locker Room Talk like that — and the beliefs which make people think it’s okay to speak it in the first place — is anything but innocuous. It is #NotOkay.

So we must change the narrative around sex.

We can start by having open conversations like this one: