How Positive Personality Traits Can Help in Business Relationships


In films like The Devil Wears Prada and TV shows like Scandal with strong female leads, Hollywood sends a clear message that in business, women who are at the top didn’t get there by being nice. The women portrayed in working girl narratives are not only strong. Theses women tend to be cut-throat and ruthless in achieving their goals. And you should be too. Success is defined by your measure of courage to challenge the status quo and create change where you demand it. Positive personality traits will lead the way to your success.

You won’t get there alone, though. Behind Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) and Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) stands a solid team as well as a list of business contacts at their fingertips. Even in a fictional business world, relationships are a major component of success. As we watch these characters journey to new heights, we also recognize what happens when you step on the wrong toes. Bad attitudes and unpleasant interactions yield poor results.

How you cultivate and nurture the relationships with people will ultimately dictate how far you’ll go in your industry. No one wants to deal with an unpleasant individual no matter how great their influence or shrewd business skills. People work with people that they like.

Compassion creates value.

Emotional intelligence is everything in the business world and important for building positive personality traits. When you’re able to connect with the emotions of people around you, your interactions will become more meaningful and memorable. Understanding human behavior requires a level of compassion. Business isn’t always about number crunching, innovation, or creating a competitive advantage. Compassionate leadership is the advantage.

Researchers say people feel a greater sense of loyalty and commitment when working with leaders who have a genuine concern for others.

When you take an interest in the overall well being of your team and the people behind your business dealings, you’ll set off a chain of goodwill and generosity. Others will want to return favors and fulfill random acts of kindness.

Your enthusiasm is rejuvenating.

One of the greatest positive personality traits possessed by successful people comes in the form of passion. Having an upbeat personality and a joyful spirit in the work you do causes others to marvel at your dedication. In doing so, your professional peers and clients will remain persistent in reaching your shared goals. Maintaining eagerness is a powerful tool in all business transactions. You’ll motivate your team to push past hurdles, present innovative methods to problem-solving, and create a sense of authenticity in executing action items.

Showing initiative will carry you to the finish line.

Be proactive, not reactive. People with a go-getter attitude are undeniable. Your drive and resourcefulness will make you stand out from the competition, which is important in a saturated market. Initiative goes beyond being the first to start a task or suggest an idea, it also requires predicting problems and delivering solutions. Your ability to show initiative ensures confidence which builds trust. The more you exhibit trustworthiness, the greater your influence will grow.

Positive personality traits will carry you further than your talent, any amount of money, or years of experience. Your overall likeability will seal deals each and every time. Consider where you are and where you want to be, then assess which positive personality traits are needed to succeed.

Tyler Young

Tyler Young is a former news producer turned humor writer from South Carolina dedicated to narratives about women of color and sharing life hacks for women daring to live out their purpose. She's currently campaigning for a final N'Sync world tour.