Everything You Need to Do the Day Before Your Big Interview (Plus a GIVEAWAY!)


  • Get out pen and paper and jot down everything that makes you awesome and a really good fit for this position. From qualities to specific experience to quantifiable results you’ve achieved.
  • Google questions related to your industry and potential company, but also go the extra step and reach out to those who are already in your field or position.
  • Begin crafting how you will answer those questions and tie in the awesomeness that is you from the first step.

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  • Print 3 copies of resume on nice paper.
  • Review your interview prep questions and practice them. Out loud! 
  • Be certain to have 1-2 authentic and sincere questions to ask the interviewer.



  • Plan the outfit and accessories. Your mental headspace tomorrow needs to be focused, so take some of the decision making off the table the night before.
  • Be sure to try the whole interview ensemble on and walk around in it. Do you feel like a boss girl when you’re wearing it? If the answer is no, that’s not the one.
  • Make sure you can sit comfortably in your interview outfit too too. Your wardrobe is an extension of you. 
  • Iron your outfit. Here’s a little known secret: a well starched blouse or blazer will make you feel (and look) like the epitome of effortless sophistication. (Little Known Secret #2: it takes effort to look effortless!). The small details of how you carry yourself–like taking the time to work out some wrinkles–are a reflection of how you carry yourself and the brand you represent. I loathe ironing, so I’ll take any suggestions to make it more enjoyable and more importantly: make me have to do it less! That’s where Niagara® Spray Starch Plus Original comes in. I’ve been using this now for a couple weeks (especially before new client meetings) and it makes me feel so chic and polished I feel like I’m Jessica Alba heading into a business meeting and slipping past paparazzi 🙂 And the best part is, not needing to re-iron a blazer after one wear!! wrinkley AF shirt moment of truth... will this Niagara spray starch keep out the wrinkles?wrinkle free shirt crisp and polished!


1 Boss Girl gets…

•  $50 gift card to Container Store to give your laundry room a makeover!
•  Niagara Spray Starch Original
•  Niagara Original Lavender
•  Niagara Original Lemon
•  Niagara Heavy Niagara Sizing

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  • Again, review your interview prep questions by practicing out loud. 
  • Plan your route to the interview and what time you will need to leave.
  • Have a little relaxation ritual… light a candle, give yourself a facial, moisturize, brush those pearlie whites… maybe even use a little baking soda!
  • No screens an hour before you hit the hay.


  • Get your inner powerhouse on by powerposing à la Amy Cuddy.

  • Follow up with a quick email confirming your interview and re-attach your resume for their convenience.
  • By now you know your ish on this company and how you are going to add value to their organization. So spend just a little time reviewing the top things you want to get across
  • Jam out to your fav amp up song (whether this is listening on the subway or in the car, the point is to get out of your head and into your heart!). 
  • Show up 10 minutes early.

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  • Send a thank you note (either an email or real card… I highly recommend an email follow-up the morning after, and a note on your own stationery mailed that day.)


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