Have I learned anything from this election? Hell to the Yes I have. Have you?

It’s been 7 days since we took to the polls and I, along with half of America, have been grieving in the aftermath. If you’re not part of that half, I still hope you find some value in these words.

Evolution is often quite painful. I think of a snake shedding its skin… they feel uncomfortable and vulnerable in that process. Or I think of a mother giving birth. There’s a lot of preparation, a lot of love, a lot of fear, a lot of risk, and often a lot of pain before a new life comes into the world. Or I think of the magnificent crystals which are created in darkness under immense pressure.

It’s clear I like to process my thoughts and feelings via metaphors.

So there’s that saying “it’s always darkest before the dawn.” I don’t think we’re near the dawn.  But I and we and our collective consciousness are indeed evolving.

I also know that as a white, cisgendered, straight woman who has had the privilege of going to a private university, my struggles do not scratch the surface of the adversity in this country, before or after our the 2016 Presidential Election. That’s why I work to make the American dream big enough for everyone. Because how dare I not?

So this is what I’ve learned from the 2016 election:

1)   I let myself live in my naïveté far too long, and I was ignorant to just how frustrated and divided our nation is. I was finding myself speaking up for the socially and culturally disenfranchised, but not necessarily educating myself on the economically disenfranchised who are in despair as their livelihoods dry up. Shame on me.

2)   I will never do that again. My goal is to see the world as clearly as I can from as many points of view as I can (see TED Talk  below on this!)

3)   Therefore, I must

✚ Share my point-of-view with not just facts, but more importantly with a compassion and a willingness to learn that which I don’t yet understand. We all just want to be seen and heard. Also we must remember that if our goal is to move forward and get ish done, then name-calling and insulting the “other side” makes zero progress in allowing the “other side” to understand our POV. It only alienates them further. And we are very much a part of the problem when we alienate each other in our self-righteousness.

✚ Lovingly encourage everyone to do ^^

✚ Seek and hear opposing opinions.

In both my physical and Facebook worlds, I was part of a bubble of like-minded thinkers. My new hope is that when I–and you–include more kinds of voices expressed with respect–so that we can open each other’s minds.

✚ Fact-check everything. Ev-er-y-thing.

✚ Remind myself of the above every dog-gone day, not every 4 years.

So below I’m sharing a few things from across the web that helped me this week. Perhaps they can offer something to get you inspired, equipped, educated, and maybe even eek out a chuckle. I hope these resources come at a time when you could use the support and learn something new.

With love–and I mean that,


P.S. Please feel free to reach out to me in the comments! All I ask is that you too share from a compassionate and respectful heart.

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