Bad-Day Coping Mechanism: Pretend You’re In A Rom Com

Sometimes, (read: most times) when I’m walking around Manhattan, (read: when I’m doing anything) I pretend I’m in a romantic comedy to make things more interesting. I love them all: Love Actually, When Harry Met Sally, Bringing Up Baby.

Some might call it a guilty pleasure, but I call it a lifestyle. I just love the sappy feeling I get when things wind up alright and everyone falls in love.

“Life isn’t that simple, or that romantic, Daisy!” you might say.

“You’re kind of a bummer!” I might respond.

But you might be right. Anyway, let’s stop fighting. Here are six unromantic situations in which pretending that you’re in the beginning of a romantic comedy can help you get through your day:

  • Waking Up In The Morning: Instead of hitting snooze, imagine you’re Cameron Diaz in The Holiday dancing to The Killers. Personally, Hugh Grant in Love Actually suits my mannerisms and build a bit more, so I imagine I’m him. Feel free to pick your own character and dance like a loon.


Suggested Song: Jump (For Your Love) – The Pointer Sisters

  • Walking In the Rain: Don’t fight it. Just put some tunes on in your earbuds and embrace it. Good things happen in the rain.


Disclaimer: Do not embrace getting stuck in the rain if you are on the way to an interview. Being ‘damp’ is probably not in your job description unless you’re a spelunker interviewing for a cave job.


  • Walking in Heels: This is awful. Pretend you’re Sandy in Miss Congeniality and you just went through your beautifying transition.


Do not be discouraged if you do not look like Sandra Bullock in the above clip. I’m not even convinced that even Sandra Bullock looks like Sandra Bullock in the above clip.


  • Window Shopping: Every time you feel a little like you’re pinching pennies, remember the diva who did it first – Audrey.


Seriously leave your wallet at home, but bring the updo.


  • Sorting Out Life’s Tough Issues: Thinking about your feelings or your next move is no easy task. I suggest you take a page from the Clueless playbook and do it in a beautiful setting that lends itself to epiphanies, like Cher in front of this fountain:


To be fair, Cher didn’t really have a tough issue here. She was figuring out if she had a crush on Paul Rudd. Obviously she did. She’d be a fool not to. That’s the most preposterous thing I’ve maybe ever heard.


  • When You’re Feeling Down: Turn on some music alone and jam out like Bridget Jones.


If you’re listening to All By Myself be aware that most likely, two beautiful British men will fall in love with you and you’ll become a top British journalist. Make sure you can handle that responsibility.