Stop Using These 8 Cliches if You Want to be Successful & Taken Seriously

There are cliche phrases that are helpful but drive you nuts when you see them on every coffee mug, poster, and t-shirt (we’re looking at you “Keep Calm And ______ On!”), and then there are cliches that are just plain wrong because they pit you against your own success.

These are sneaky little idioms that have weaseled their way not only into our language but into our psyches. And what we think affects what actions we take. And actions make events and events make our life. See what I’m saying here about the power of our thoughts?

So check out the 8 cliche phrases that you will never hear successful people say, and then nix them from your vocabulary and mindset ASAP because their negativity is setting you up for failure. 

***But we do have a soft spot for “Everything happens for a reason” in that everything you experience has something to teach you!