A No-BS Guide To Protecting Yourself This Summer w/ SPF (it’s not just to avoid sunburn!)

sun beach

When I was little I used to think sunscreen was so lame. I’d whine to my mom, “but so-and-so doesn’t have to wear sunscreen. How come they don’t get burned?!” and I’d long for that gorgeously dark skin. Now, I relish in my porcelain-ness and can’t get enough of SPF because I feel like Future Lucy will thank me when she is cancer-free, less wrinkled, and still pretty darn pale!

Well much to little Lucy’s dismay, turns out So-and-So did and does need SPF! In fact, SPF doesn’t just help you avoid sunburn, but prevents splotchy tone on your normally flawless skin, premature wrinkling, freckling, and sneaky cancer-causing melanomas from developing.

Check out Refinery 29’s No-BS Guide To Protecting Your Skin This Summer. These two doctors don’t use scare tactics but rather cut to the chase of what you need according to your lifestyle.

Big Takeaway no matter your lifestyle or skin tone: SPF 20 every single day (it’s already in most of our makeup so yippee!) and reapply every 2 hours if you’re sunbathing.

Now that you know what you gotta do for the sun, what are you going to do IN the sun? Start a business? Volunteer? Lounge by the pool with a great read? Set new goals for yourself and kick major butt? The world is your oyster, Bossery!

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