10 Ways to be *That* Person Everyone Loves

popular happy personDon’t you love when you hang with a friend and their energy just makes you feel really good? Perhaps you are that friend (in which case, I say YAYYY thank you for bringing light into people’s day-to-day lives!).

But in the event you think you could use a boost in the positive feel-good energy department, then check out Happier’s
10 Ways to Be That Person That Everyone Loves.

These things are so easy to start doing, and yet why do some people do the opposite?! Seriously, give these ago (especially cutting out complaints, smiling, and nixing the gossip ASAP).

One of the best parts of making other people feel good and valued, is the rubberband effect of good vibes that you’ll feel, too. : ) So get your happy ball a-rollin’!


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