There’s a Lot on Your Mind. And Your Keys Aren’t One of Them.

You’re a busy gal.  You try to stay informed, learn new things, keep in touch with friends, work your personal style and — oh, yeah — change the world. So with all brain-power being constantly used, it’s no surprise that we misplace stuff every once and a while.  Okay, okay.  It’s *all* the time for some of us.   Here are a few digital ways you can keep track of things, so you can concentrate on taking over the world.


I KEEP LOSING MY PHONE:  Find My Iphone & Locate My Droid:

Let’s face it. Your phone is about the most likely thing you’ll leave behind. Sure, your keys might be harder to find around the house, but when comes to that “Oh **** “ moment of realization that you’ve lost something, phones still reign supreme.  These free apps will not only pinpoint your phone on a map (Locate My Droid will even give you the street address), they allow you remotely lock your phone or erase all of the data on it for those situations when you’ve got “sensitive” information on your phone.

The cons? Well, your phone better be charged, because location data can’t be sent if the battery is dead. But they’re a great (and free!) way to safeguard your iPhone or Droid

COST: free
COMPATIBILITY: iPhone, iPad, iPod, IOS 7.0 or later (Find My iPhone); Various Droid Models (Locate my Droid)



Every spring brings the inevitable “That’s it. I’m getting this place organized!” You bring all the unnecessaries to the Salvation Army. You spend your entire paycheck at the Container Store for the perfect storage boxes. You tuck away the infrequently used items in clever, hidden places. So clever and hidden, in fact, that next time you need them you have no bloody idea where the hell they are.

Sortly can help. You can create a visual record of everything that you own. Just take a snapshot of the object and you can track them with locations, tags and notes.   Perfect for moving or keeping track of what’s in that storage unit you haven’t been to in 3 years.

COST: free
COMPATIBILITY: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with IoS 7



Ugh! You told your friend to meet you at the fountain behind the statue with all the pigeon poop, on the west side of the big park near the yellow falafel truck (not the red one). It was so easy – why can’t she find you???

May we suggest iReturn instead? Not only can iReturn help you navigate your way back to your car when you’ve forgotten where you parked, you can share your location with your friends. So instead of 2,000 texts back and forth, you can just send her the pinpoint of your location.

iReturn isn’t in the app store yet, but it will be soon.



No, it doesn’t locate the nearest burrito joint. Chipolo is a small disc with a hole at the top, much like you’d find on a dog’s collar. You can put it on a pair of key, inside your backpack or tuck it in your wallet. As long as you have your phone you’ll be able to see it’s location on a map. But… what if it’s your phone that you lost? Well the reverse works as well. Just shake the disc and your iPhone or Android will buzz if it’s within a 200 foot range.

What if it’s not within 200 feet? No problem. Chipolo remembers the last location where you were within 200 feet and will show you on a map. Very handy for when you leave your phone behind at that burrito joint.