Top Celebs Giving Back + Doing Good in 2015 

It’s not surprising Team LABG has a girl crush on the likes of Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss, and Mindy Kaling.

And what makes them bossgirl material is that these ladies aren’t just beloved for their talent, but also for their do-gooding.

Teen Vogue just compiled the Top 20 Celebs Doing Good in 2015 and all of them were on that list.

If you’re going into 2016 wanting to give back, remember that giving back can happen in little everyday moments, not just grand gestures.

Helping a mom lift the stroller up the curb, doing the dishes for your parents without them asking, buying the meal for the person behind you at the Panera drive-thru, bringing soup to a sick friend–all of these are little ways to give back.

Happy do-gooding, Bossery!