Trouble Working With a Team? Here Are 9 Solutions, Inspired by Steven Universe

We at Like a Boss Girls love Steven Universe for too many reasons to count. Did you know it is the first Cartoon Network series created by a woman? Rebecca Sugar began developing the show while she was working on Adventure Time; talk about a boss! Like a Boss Girls is all about the message of the show–and that message, as Garnet (one of the show’s protagonists) so eloquently puts it, is to “get open, get honest, invent yourselves together.” The gems on the show work together through “fusion” to save the day together; There’s a lot to be learned about teamwork from the awesome girls (and the guys who support them) on the show.

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Being young means you can bring a fresh perspective to solving challenging problems. And being a bookworm doesn’t mean you can’t also kick butt with a sword! Connie is Steven’s closest friend and a perfect partner in saving the world. She knows that her age doesn’t have to hold her back.

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Working hard when you’re part of a team is important (especially when the fate of the world depends on you)! No one knows this better than Pearl, who protects Earth and passes on her knowledge to future protectors of the world. Find the people who care about the world as much as you do and team up in doing your best. You can’t lose!

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Lead in spite of your flaws. It can be hard to remember this when you’re responsible for leading a team, as Garnet shows, we can be leaders without having to be perfect. We shouldn’t ignore our shortcomings, but we shouldn’t see them purely as obstacles either. Instead, look at them as opportunities to grow and to make your team stronger by bettering yourself.

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Highlight everyone’s best assets. The founder of the Crystal Gems, Rose Quartz, knows all about what makes a great team. The thing that makes the world so beautiful is the same thing that will save it! Everyone is unique and brings new experiences and skills to the world. Finding a way to let everyone shine at what they’re best at creates the strongest team possible!

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Schedule downtime. Buck Dewey knows that it’s important to lay back and relax sometimes, even for world saving Crystal Gems! You can’t burn a candle at both ends, so it’s important to make sure that everyone on your team gets the chance to take a break and gain some new perspective on the task at hand.

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Cultivate Individuality. Just because you might be shorter, or laugh a little louder than everyone else, doesn’t mean you deserve to be treated any worse for it! Amethyst does things her own way, always has and always will, and this is her unique gift to the team. It’s important that you don’t lose what makes you, you, just because you are working with others. Find the people who appreciate you and are interested in helping you grow to be the best you you can be!

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There’s more than one way to crack a nut. Greg is Steven’s dad and does everything he can to support his son and the Crystal Gems. He knows how to be team player and gives great advice about keeping your chin up when things aren’t going exactly as planned. There is always another way, so get creative! When you put your heads together you can come up with a new solution, even better than the first!

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Speak up. Sardonyx knows who she is and what she brings to the table and we love her for it! While a big part of being on a team is acknowledging other people’s strengths, don’t forget to let others know what you’re capable of. There is so much potential inside of you so don’t be shy about showing off! If you have an idea about how a project can be improved, speak up! (respectfully, of course). Remember, girls are POWERFUL.

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Find your unique strength. Finally, Steven himself (who is half-Gem and half-human), knows more than most that there are many ways to be strong, and that our differences make us stronger as a team. Don’t worry if you can’t punch a mountain in half (neither can we!). We are each strong in our own ways, and being a part of a team is a great way to find out what makes us unique.