Here’s Why You’re So Lucky if You Are 22 and Have ZERO Idea What You Want

In my article on the advice I’d offer – okay, force-feed – my stubborn 21-year-old self, I focused on treating myself with kindness, accepting and celebrating my uniqueness, and to stop putting most of my energy into boys. I also told that version of me to spend time exploring what I wanted to do rather than just trying to fit my peg into whatever holes presented themselves. (Hmm, there’s gotta be a more eloquent, less dirty-sounding way of saying that. I’ll work on it.) 

Specifically, I advised my newly college grad self to spend more time reflecting on what I might like to do with my life “instead of just reacting to what I saw or could find.”  I regret that I hadn’t put more energy into thinking about what I was good at, where I was most comfortable, and what suited me.

Tragically, I can’t go back in time and set myself straight, but mercifully Millennials can benefit not only from my invaluable hindsightery but from super genius Gary Vaynerchuk’s words of wisdom. Stop what you’re doing right now (seriously, put down that magazine/sandwich/bong/nail polish) and listen to Gary V. on how important it is, right now, to get to know yourself and the big wide world. Please, I implore you, listen to him when he says these next 5 years are invaluable. His advice is priceless, and so are the experience and insights you’ll gain if you accept his challenge.

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