VIDEO: 48 Things Women Hear In A Lifetime (That Men Just Don’t)

Subtle sexism. Yeah it’s a thing. And if you’re a lady, you’ve most likely experienced it. Countless times.

What is subtle sexism?

It’s made up of the kind of subversive remarks that…

A) you will never hear said to a man

B) appear to be a compliment but actually undermine your value

C) indicate your value as a human being is based on your looks and your ability to have babies

D) suggest that you shouldn’t find enjoyment in certain things because they’re “for men”

E) suggests that women should be both demure and sensual… and yet are judged regardless.

Watch this poignant video 48 Things Women Hear In A Lifetime (That Men Just Don’t). Huff Post shows 80 years of subtle sexism in under two minutes.

And you know what else is horrifying? After watching the video, I realized that even I–a woman who considers herself a feminist–have said a few of these subtly sexist things to or about another woman. That means that we are so entrenched in sexist thinking, that even ladies believe some parts of sexism to be a given.

Try to catch yourself when you say (or about to say) something that undermines our own lady-peers, or at the very least just recognize that sexist thinking isn’t just what men say, but we say to ourselves.


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