VIDEO: Taylor Swift New Music Video for “Wildest Dreams”

Taylor Swift just released her new music video for “Wildest Dreams.”

The story takes place on an old hollywood set in the desert with lots of wildlife.

Whether you are a fan of the TSwizzle or not, you gotta admit, girl’s got flair for the dramatic… um can you say background lion?

To make this Bossgirl even cooler, Swift is donating all of the proceeds to the wild animal conservation efforts.

taylor swift wildest dreams music video

This comes a few weeks after a moronic American dentist illegally lured and violently killed an African Lion named Cecil under Oxford University’s care. Perhaps Taylor will bring more awareness to this issue through “Wildest Dreams.”

While, I must admit the song is not my fav, I’m really diggin’ the vibe of this video. Thoughts, bossery?

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