Scout’s Honor: Why You Shouldn’t Forget About The Girl Scouts w/ Melissa Washington


Historically it’s been proven that young women can learn a BUNCH from being a Girl Scout. For more than 100 years, the Girl Scouts have taught young women across the globe that they can be and face anything. They often grow to become confident women who by nature are inspired to give back. Need proof?

Look no further than Melissa Washington, a navy veteran, former LinkedIn employee and author of the book Get Back to Work ‑ Smart & Savvy Real World Strategies to Make Your Next Career Move. Many of Melissa’s fondest memories involve the Girl Scouts, where she developed her leadership skills and passion for serving her community. She speaks about her experience with respect and admiration in our latest episode of Mind of a Mentor.

With so many entertainment options to keeps girls busy, many due to technology, we wanted to take a closer look at the pros of the Girls Scouts and how they groom the leaders of tomorrow — today. Hopefully some of our Boss Girls will see the value in acting as a mentor and role model for thousands of developing young women.


Leadership Development

The Girl Scouts has a storied history of investing in girls, with many of them developing into women who lead inside the classroom, boardroom and in the community. The Girl Scout Leadership Experience, pairs girls with female role models and mentors who help guide them through some of life’s toughest challenges. Although you may not have been a girl scout yourself, it’s a place that’s open to women leaders from everywhere to come in and have their presence felt.


Skills & Thrills

The Girl Scouts offer a safe, all-female led environment where girls are encouraged to develop their skills and tackle complex challenges. Young girls need role models who are diverse with skills that they may or may not find at home. The awesome thing is women are breaking molds and taking names everyday, and because of this many young women in the Girl Scouts will reap the benefits of our ever-changing world.


Cookies & Commerce  

There was no way we were going to talk about the Girl Scouts without talking about the legendary Girl Scout Cookie Program. Little do people know, the Girl Scout Cookie Program was built to help girls learn  financial literacy skills. Who knew every single time a purchase was made we were helping develop the next female entrepreneur? Before we contribute with our money (which makes our bellies very happy), we can contribute with our time. I wonder how much Samoas are trading on NASDAQ?


Outdoors & Indoors

I’m sure you’re thinking about all the outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing and camping but don’t let that overshadow the Girl Scouts passionate commitment to science, technology and STEM. Traditionally outdoor activities have reigned supreme, however, with a brave new world that’s in need of new skills from women, the Girl Scouts are diversifying their efforts to make sure girls stay ahead of the pack.


Simply put, the Girl Scouts are the original source for female empowerment and leadership. So before you place your energy and attention elsewhere, you should think about contributing your time at the place it all started. Trust us, they’ll welcome you with open arms. Scout’s Honor.

For more on how Melissa Washington went from badges to barracks, check out her episode of Mind of a Mentor.

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Marla Isackson

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