It’s hard not to be depressed. We have an illiterate, lying, corrupt, likely treasonous, racist, self-confessed p**sy-grabber in the White House, so it’s understandable if it gets a girl down.  But I uncoiled from my fetal position, took my thumb from my mouth, shook off the Trumpian dystopian miasma, and headed off to join the January 20th Women’s March in New York City.

The government may have shut down, but the over 200,000 women, men and children who turned up to march the streets of Manhattan were turnt UP!  With signs and chants expressing unified support for women, immigrants and democracy – and people’s, um…displeasure with the current POTUS – the energy was electric.  

It felt SO GOOD to walk 3 miles among tens of thousands of like-minded people who share my passion for equality, the ideals of democracy, and my outrage toward our President’s misogyny, racism, ignorance and lies. (My husband and BFF Frank, both men, were with me and felt the same way.) Suckling at the glass teat of MSNBC as I do, I often get demoralized hearing Trump and his enablers say and do the things they say and do.  But the Women’s March was a wonderful reminder that I am far from alone in my moral outrage and political defiance. (In fact. my husband Jeff and BFF Frank were with me – men who not only support women’s equality 100% but also amiably tolerate all my rude chants.) Hundreds of thousands took to the streets to say they are tired of the bigotry and ignorance tearing apart our country and literally destroying our planet.  I’m not going to take it lying down, and neither are my fellow marchers. A day like today makes me feel like we can and will prevail. Click here for another great post by Dixie about her support for women’s equality.

Viva Like A Boss Girls – see you at the next march!